Saturday, August 25, 2012


Q: When is a Silver Gull not just a 'Seagull'?

...well, I think there's a certain majesty and a little bit of menace about a Gull as it quietly scours the detritus left behind by the small waves lapping on a deserted beach. It's even more interesting to see a group of three Gulls each displaying the various markings that delineate their age and rank. From the sinister, white-eyed glare and lipstick-red bills and legs of a fully mature adult to the smutty-flecked plumage and 'doe-eyed' appearance of the juvenile Gull  - there's a gulf of cunning, devilment and street smarts between these generations of Gull.

Hated in city parks and suburban carparks and barely tolerated on our beaches, Silver Gulls cop quite a lot of flak form certain members of the biped population (and their pets). But, removed from the malarkey of of our urban confines and playgrounds the Silver Gull is a pretty awesome piece of purpose-built biology.

Just watch one do away with an unwitting crab in one or two strikes for evidence of how clever they really are.
...and then, of course, there's the famous interpersonal rivalries and relationship troubles.

Silver Gulls are good value in my book and worthy of some of our time and sympathy, they're even worthy of a few kind words and sympathetic photography too!

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